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Memory Foam Mattress Complaints

Memory foam mattresses may be a single of the most common sleeping surfaces nowadays but not even they are spared from client complaints which usually lead to returns and refunds. Here are the top complaints related to memory foam:

  • 1. Sleeps Scorching - Memory foam mattresses sleep hotter than classic innerspring mattresses since the denser cell framework indicates air has problems flowing through. An additional explanation for heat-linked problems Tempurpedic and other memory mattresses have is its system-contouring capacity which outcomes in a lot more skin touching the mattress than being uncovered to air. Coverage to air aids the skin awesome.

  • two. Fat - Memory foam is a single of the densest polyurethane foams out there. A cube 1 meter in each path can weigh up to a whopping 6lb. A cube of Tempurpedic foam weighs 5.34lb. This indicates a memory foam mattress is difficult to move and setup, especially if you undergo from back again pain or other wellbeing issues.

  • 3. Temperature Sensitivity - Memory foam readily reacts to temperature. A visco memory mattress is softer in warmer environments and colder in cooler temperatures. This implies that in the summer season the foam mattress might experience all squishy and soft whilst in winter months-time or in colder rooms, the mattress may possibly really feel tough and cold like sand or a slab. Getting the appropriate stage of firmness is also influenced by personal preference.

  • 4. Price tag - Memory foam is a innovative substance that is expensive to generate. Memory foam mattress prices assortment in between $800 and $4,000.

  • five. Odor - Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam and like any other chemical substance it has a strong odor when new. This is harmless, but even now frustrating.

  • six. Restrictions - Memory foam mattresses have some restrictions for use. For example, you cannot use electrical heaters or electrical blankets as that might damage the memory foam. You also require to place the mattress on a strong, completely flat basis. Do not even feel of making use of slated bed frames.

  • 7. Trial Policies - Most manufacturers provide generous 3 months home trials but prior to you jump on the bandwagon don't forget that if you return the memory foam mattress back you pay return shipping. A phrase of warning, shipping the mattress back can cost you much more than the unique delivery! Prior to reading through additional, see my extensive write-up on memory foam property trials.

  • 8. Sagging - Reduced quality memory foam mattresses drop their capability to rebound in as tiny as a number of months. You could be stuck with a hole in the middle of the mattress.

  • 9. Cleaning Difficulty - Because of the open cell structure, viscoelastic memory foam mattresses are very difficult to clear. Spills and stains are unattainable to eliminate which can void your guarantee.

  • 10. Adjustment Period - Unlike classic spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses require an adjustment period thanks to the distinctive weightlessness feeling it induces. It also needs a break in time period for the mattress to give a minor.
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