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Pros And Cons For Soy And Paraffin Pillar Candles

Prior to now, you got just one option when it came to pillar candles: paraffin. A lot more choices have come to light in the past ten years or more. Beeswax candles have existed even longer than paraffin candles, but they are usually taper candles and are somewhat on the costly side. Fragrance is another problem since beeswax carries a normal aroma of its own. Two less expensive options have come about within the last 2 decades however. They are soy pillar candles as well as palm wax pillar candles. Soy pillar candles are presently the more common option and I will be contrasting them to paraffin pillar candles in this article.

Soy pillar candles strengths and paraffin pillar candle shortcomings:

First of all, a few characteristics that apply to soy wax candles are that they burn cleaner, cooler and for a longer time compared to paraffin candles. Soy wax features a better scent throw compared to paraffin and will support twice as much fragrance.

When considering specifically pillar candles produced from soy wax, the main cosmetic benefit is how they retain their shape as a pillar. Each time a soy pillar candle is appropriately burned, it will hold its pillar shape right down to the end. Even though soy pillar candles aren't 100% pure soy wax, currently most are vegetable based being made from mainly soy bean oil along with botanical oils for example palm oil. This can help the pillar candle maintain its form.

Now compare that with a paraffin pillar candle. Even when you use it correctly, a paraffin pillar candle will usually lose its shape and bulge out at the very top. You might want to fix the disfiguration while your candle remains warm to avoid large globs of wax from falling away from the candle. The reason why such things happen is due to the fact the oil content of paraffin is significantly higher.

Yet another characteristic that's specific to soy pillar candles is that they generate environmentally friendly waste. You are going to generally have a small amount of remaining wax when the candle has burnt all the way down. The soy wax used is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. If you discard the remains of a paraffin candle, you are throwing something away which is not eco-friendly.

Advantages of paraffin pillar candles and shortcomings of soy pillar candles:

One particular benefit of a paraffin candle over a soy candle is the color of the candle is much more lively, and it requires significantly less dye to color a paraffin candle rather than soy. If your curiosity is in bright colored, vibrant candles, you could prefer paraffin over soy wax. On the same note, soy pillar candles cannot produce the "mottling" effect which can be produced by paraffin candles. Mottled candles have a antique appearance and also have a "snowflake" or crackled style surface which has gained popularity during the last ten years.

The final good thing about paraffin pillar candles can be a distinction rather than a benefit. Soy wax is considered to have a better scent throw because it emits scent more continually so the aroma lasts for a longer time. However paraffin wax may release fragrance quicker since it burns hotter. If you're in a hurry, a paraffin candle will swiftly fill your living space with aroma.\nRelated Sites : soy pillar candles

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