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Cancer Information Why Can't They Find a Cure?

It's almost 40 years since conflict was stated about cancer and billions of dollars have been invested trying to find a remedy for the condition, thus why hasn't progress been made in solving the issue. The treatments today are much just like these people were last 1971 when conflict was stated and funds were allocated to obtain the solutions to our cancer epidemic. The cancer rate remains rising and that fact should be evident to everyone. Are they really trying to find a remedy to cancer or are they generating too much funds from treating the condition as you know which most of the treatments are extremely expensive. Today 6 and half million people world wide are dying of the condition every year but still which evasive remedy is not forth coming.Here are several facts which are popular regarding the cancer industry to a few persons.
  • Linus Pauling who had been a professor of chemistry, and obtained 2 Nobel Prizes in his lifespan reported which most persons should realize which most cancer analysis today is basically a fraud.
  • Doctor Max Gerson, who had been treating and curing patients of cancer, numerous of them terminal, during 50s, reported which there is not a funds to be made in locating a remedy for cancer, just shopping for a remedy. 
  • Doctor Otto Warburg, a German biochemist whom obtained the Nobel Prize for medication in 1931 for his finding which cancer mobile survives by way of a process of fermentation and the natural gas to feed this process is processed glucose. Are cancer patients told this essential part details, No?
  • Doctor Ralph W. Moss who's probably America's foremost cancer researcher reported which "In the end, there is not a proof which therapy in the vast most of instances actually extends life. This is the fantastic lay regarding therapy, which somehow there is a link between shrinking a tumor and extending the life of a patient".
  • Why is it which all alternative treatments arepositively suppressed and numerous of the persons whom have employed these treatments are persecuted and actually jailed for utilizing them? Is it because they might interfere with all the income generating ability of our present thought treatments?  
  • Why is it which all the alternative treatments which use to stay the U.S.A. are increasingly being over the border in Mexico? Is it equally as a result of the same cause?
Treatments today are utilizing patented medication and the price they charge on their behalf are managed by the manufacture themselves.On the alternative hand the treatments employed by alternative therapists are natural treatments in addition they can not be patented thus no one could create vast amounts income out of them.The training of our healthcare physicians today are solely with drug therapy, they may not be taught diet or any natural remedies thus with cancer, drug therapy is the just treatments choices you are provided.There is a remedy for all cancers and it is not with drug therapy but alternatively by respecting the laws of Mother Nature and reside and eat as we're imagined to. That is clearly obvious; when you compare how persons reside in undeveloped nations where cancer is uncommon. My spouse but have been to numerous of these nations and observed how they reside, especially with all the foods they eat. They suffer very small cancer as they reside close to nature with their natural foods; nearly all of them do physical work in addition they use few of the hazardous chemicals which all of us use. All of these facts are recognized contributors to the reasons of cancer.If you may have been identified with cancer, how to become cancer free is to preserve a strict diet of fruit and vegetables, find some good exercise that is extremely important and eliminate all hazardous chemicals which you encounter everyday. This will boost your defense mechanisms, our build in immune system and it might eliminate the cancer gradually and surely without any negative effects. Fighting cancer is easier in the event you are mentally willing and fully informed found on the topic.\n more information

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