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US Open Odds Double the Money

On Monday, despite not playing (due to injury) inside the US Open Series WTA event inside Toronto, Maria Sharapova became the No. 1 ranked girl found on the WTA. Tennis' 18-year-old femme fatale surged in front of Lindsey Davenport, though, due to her poor showing inside US Open Series tournaments Sharapova won't qualify for the bonus funds available from the US Open this yr. Sharapova, although No. 1 inside our society isn't even women's favorite to win the US Open this yr, when the women's US Open Series odds have point's leader Clijsters at 2/1 to win everything.In 2005, the person and girl who finish first inside US Open Series play may vie for double prize funds at the US Open-meaning a potential $2.2 thousand payday by the end of the Flushing week. Second- and third-place finishers may obtain an extra 55 % and 25 %, respectively, of what they otherwise might have obtained at the Open.To sweeten the actually tasty $one.1 thousand winner's pot only at that year's US Open, the US Open Series has initiated 'US Open Bonus Challenge' which links tennis players with the most wins inside US Open Series tournaments to the funds they earn at the US Open. Have the lines-makers modified the US Open odds inside this year's tournament to include the US Open Series "bonus challenge?"I doubt it. Instead it is no coincidence which the favored players to win the US Open are actually the players who have been playing the number one tennis found on the difficult courts of the US Open Series travel. Since the US Open is additionally on difficult courtroom the Open Series has been a ideal travel for tuning-up their groundstrokes because the players head into the Open. Also track up they have! With 240 players, 10 tournaments and $2.2 thousand found on the line, the US Open Series has been a victory because a travel, and for television and wagering this yr. This really is great news for tennis plus the tennis wagerarti because we continue onto Slam season where the achiever of the 2005 US Open provides the prospective of earning $2.2 thousand, inside the US Open Series inaugural 'Bonus Challenge.'While the bonus challenge is a great hook to get the pavilion players playing to their travel, it will not affect the betting odds found on the players at the US Open. Essentially, the 'bonus challenge' provides the bookmakers more info on how the pavilion players play against each other because it is presumed players may gravitate to the US Open Series tournaments now. However, gamblers trying to find an edge should note which the 'bonus challenge' refuses to add incentive to win for some players this yr because a appreciable portion of the pavilion players are not found on the US Open Series leader board and don't have a chance at doubling their money. This means they'll have to play for the boring 'old school' reasons.For example, Andy Roddick (120 points inside US Open Series tennis and current points leader) overtook Andre Agassi and clinched the US Open Series title when Roddick fell to Federer found on the difficult courts of Cincinnati 3-6, 5-7, last weekend. Federer's win moved his ranking found on the US Open Series travel board into next spot behind Roddick with 100 points. Does this mean which Federer is playing worse than Roddick because he came inside next inside US Open show play? Not at all, it ways Federer has played inside less US Open Series tournaments this yr.If Roddick loses inside the quarterfinals (he won't) at the US Open commonly he might earn 135K for his effort, yet because the US Open Series achiever he's permitted win double which funds that doubles his payout to 270K! Roddick's US Open odds are 7/1 and are not predicated on his 120 points inside US Open show play, yet total play found on the ATP also. If Agassi because the 2nd spot point's leader wins the US Open this yr he can get the $one.1 thousand and 50% or $550,000.Here's the wipe. This money bonus incentive merely kicks inside in the event you are a top ranked "USOpen Series" achiever. Top ranked ATP players like Lindsey Davenport and Justine Henin-Hardenne are not even found on the board inside the US Open Series this yr, yet are potential risks to win the US Open also. This means when Henin-Hardenne wins the Women's final this yr she will never be eligible for the bonus.For the ladies, Kim Clijsters has dominated US Open Series play and ought to be considered the favourite to win the US Open this yr. Her 225 points eclipses her nearest opponent, Mary Pierce (100 points) by 125 points. The 3rd is Ai Sugiyama, scarcely the favourite to win the US Open this yr. So found on the women's side the competition is sparse when non-existent. With her win inside Toronto was her 3rd US Open show title shock as to because Clijsters quickly clinched the US Open Series for the ladies. She also offers been playing certain ideal tennis following beating a leg injury earlier this yr. In fact, Clijsters has been installed at the 2/1 favorite according to US Open odds.The Bonus Challenge discriminates against those who do not play US Open Series tournaments, naturally. They are searching away for their obtain interests, when worthwhile those who play the US Open show and by not exactly punishing those who do not play inside their tournaments. Essentially a guarantee which not a soul from the outside may get into bonus funds, when offering the greatest single wallet inside individual sports (poker players hold the tongue) to the players which do.More to the stage, tennis' popularity is surging and everybody is looking to capitalize. Why not? The USTA and ESPN announced which the US Open Series featuring each men's and women's tournaments was up 32 % over the initial week of ESPN's 2004 coverage. The total program's reviews climbed by 33 %. Numbers that way can't be ignored. It aren't prolonged before all players may play the US Open Series travel. Remember to win inside US Open Series tennis the number one of 3 sets is all that's needed is, when the US Open is a murderous right of 5 sets.A look at total tennis audience merely reinforces the aim which tennis' popularity is surging. ESPN2's broadcast of the men's Mercedes-Benz Cup was up 85 % compared to 2004, with the Sunday finale attracting 631,000 viewers; 427,000 more audience in comparison to 2004 semifinal. Not only do the players have a shot at doubling their money, yet may additionally appreciate national audiences which lacked inside yesteryear."For the players, it's obviously a no-lose situation when there's extra cash at the US Open," Davenport responded to the US Open Series bonus challenge. "I'm seeking to play a ton of tournaments and ideally thrive sufficient to win it again. I'd like to get another chance for the additional million-dollar prize."But the opportunity won't come this yr for Davenport and other top ranked pavilion players on each sides of the gender because they are not ahead of US Open Series leader board going into the US Open this yr. The proven fact that Davenport is 12/1 to win the Women's US Open has nothing do with her standings inside US Open Series, but instead inside the legislation of diminishing returns-literally.Men's US Open OddsThere has not been a duplicate US Open champ because 1997-98 when Australian Patrick Rafter captured the singles titles at back to back US Open's. This yr Roger Federer defends his title because he tries to win his 2nd Grand Slam this yr. We are going to probably view a rematch of the Cincinnati Open (and Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final) with Andy Roddick playing against Roger Federer with the same happen.In our US Open Bonus Challenge edition we'll not just consider who is likely to win the US Open found on the men's and women's sides, and we are going to consider how these players rate found on the US Open Bonus Challenge. Meaning, may anyone really have a shot at the $2.2 thousand. Short answer: certain, when the name is Roddick or Clijsters.Roger Federer (1/1.3 US Open odds)has been first found on the ATP for a great 81 consecutive days yet you won't find him close to the points leader of the US Open Series. There had been a slight chink in the Swiss armor at Cincinnati because Federer survived a semi-final scare against Robert Ginepri. Today Federer looks to continue his prominence inside all aspects tennis. I wouldn't bet resistant to the defending champ, and this really is a ideal cost. But, it aren't easy at times because there are many cannons capable of winning the US Open this yr. But, whenever possible lay not as much as two dollars on Federer you need to consider that one of the number one deals inside sports investment this yr. Projected Exit: Champion.Field (3/1 US Open odds) A Dead funds bet when I have ever seen 1. Perhaps even deader funds than the Impaler playing inside the WPT at the Bike this weekend resistant to the Legends of Poker. The field line is set to separate you from the bankroll. Field does not always meanFederer, Nadal, or Roddick so how will this wager money?Andy Roddick (7/1 US Open odds), the achiever of the US Open Series plus the No. 3 ranked player inside our society, has accrued 120 points thus far this yr inside the US Open Series, yet was pushed to withdraw from the 2005 Mercedes-Benz Cup presented by Countrywide due to soreness inside his ideal leg. It did not resemble Roddick suffered too much from his injury inside the final against Federer. Despite his loss to Federer he obtained the US Open Series this yr and looks to double his funds at the US Open and capture his 2nd US Open inside 3 years, yet which will be difficult indeed. In 2003, Roddick beat Ferrero inside straight sets. Since Roddick is qualified for the $2.2 thousand bonus package, Roddick would have the added incentive when he meets Federer inside the finals. But, the key issue with laying 7-1 is that you have to completely think that Federer is beaten inside a Grand Slam final. Federer has not lost a Grand Slam final. The bad news is that Roddick won't win inside Flushing; the good thing is which because point's leader he'll double his runner up prize. Projected Exit: Finals Runner-up.Rafael Nadal (9/1 US Open odds) captured his initial ever difficult courtroom Master Series by conquering Andre Agassi 6-3, 4-6, 6-2 inside the finals of the Rogers Cup inside Montreal, Canada. But, Nadal struggled found on the method to his 3rd Masters Series title from 6 this yr. Nadal is attached with Switzerland's Roger Federer because a three-time 2005 Masters Series champion. Nadal reached the final inside Miami, yet bowed away to Federer inside 3 close sets. While Nadal has proven which his ought to be ranked inside the best 5, difficult courtroom is not his right surface and when he encounters Roddick or Federer inside his draw, he'll end up losing a close match. Projected Exit: Semi-Finals.Lleyton Hewitt (13/1 US Open odds) There have been a dearth of singles titles from the Cannon from down below. He obtained the US Open inside 2001, and during the past year Hewitt returned to the US Open finals and lost inside straight sets to Federer. In Cincinnati he lost inside the Semi-Finals to Roddick inside straight sets and he looks like he's having trouble shutting away top-tier enemies when defeating lower enemies. Unfortunately, the US Open is demanding and possibly Hewitt has lost a step, inside either case he has been beaten actually this yr by Safin, Roddick and Federer but don't view which changing whenever soon for the blond Australian. Projected Exit: Semi-Finals.Marat Safin (31/1 US Open odds) has actually obtained a slam this yr when he beat Hewitt at the Australian Open. Perhaps more impressive was hi semi-final round when he played to the brink of exhaustion resistant to the Swiss Missile Roger Federer and obtained the grueling 5 set battle! However, the Australian Open survival was harsh because helost inside the round of 16 to Tommy Robredo at the French Open an inside the round of 32 at Wimbledon, clay and lawn surfaces respectively. At the US Open he returns to the difficult courts - a surface which is effectively suited to his mad-Russian style of play. But, Safin looked absolutely anemic at Cincinnati when he lost inside straight sets to Robby Ginepri inside the quarterfinals. He'll have to be more consistent because the US Open. Projected Exit: Quarterfinals.Andre Agassi (26/1 US Open odds) A sentimental favorite, yet sadly, he's dead funds this yr. With his right playing days behind him, Agassi is seeking 1 more Grand Slam before he retires, yet which would prove elusive. Agassi remains recovering from certain nagging injuries which showed inside Montreal a limited days back, yet you cannot absolutely count out Agassi. However, lately his play indicates certain wear and tear, because he has not made a Grand Slam final this yr. The 26/1 odds display which the linesmen nonetheless respect his play, yet realistically Agassi ought to be 50/1 this yr at the Open. Projected Exit: Fourth RoundWomen's 2005 US Open OddsWhen Venus Williams obtained Wimbledon earlier this yr, did she set women's tennis on notice which the Williams' are back to restore the mantle of ruling women's tennis? Not likely, the remainder ladies have involved to the Williams stranglehold on women's tennis, and now the Williams' will no longer take for granted the talent and skills which place them thus far in front of the ladies found on the WTA. Certainly, they have just what it takes to win another Grand Slam this yr, though, with the punishing tennis which Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin-Hardenne, Lindsey Davenport and Maria Sharapova have shown this yr, returning to the finals may require which each Williams (specifically Serena) be inside better shape and stronger mentally. However, far and away the girl playing the number one tennis of her life now is US Open Series achiever Kim Clijsters - that is obviously why she is the favourite this yr.Kim Clijsters (2/1 US Open odds) Far and away the most prolific US Open Series players is installed because a well-deserved favorite. She tops the leader board with 125 with Mary Pierce inside 2nd spot with 100 points. So Clijsters is playing her right tennis found on the US Open Series and has now the bonus incentive when she will get by a minefield of talent to the finals. We think she will and will. $2.2 thousand is eating a cold dish in the event you ask me. It wouldn't surprise me to see a rematch of the 2003 Finale with a different happen. In 2003, Henin-Hardenne crushed Clijsters 7-5, 6-1. Projected Exit: Champion.Henin-Hardenne (3/1 US Open odds) the former WTA No. 1 came off an injury plagued 2004 and joined 2005 ranked No. 40 when she played the ATP inside Miami when she lost to Maria Sharapova. She followed up with a straight set win inside Charleston overDementieva and moved up the position to 22. In Warsaw, she beat last year's US Open Women's Champ Svetlana Kuznetsova inside 3 sets and moved up again to a No. 15 ranking. She obtained again inside Berlin over Pedrova and again set ladies tennis on notice which the older Henin-Hardenne was back to reclaim her place top seeded terminator. She beat Mary Pierce to claim her initial Grand Slam of the entire year with the French Open singles title and moved up to No. 7 in our society position. But, despite a initial round upset loss at Wimbledon, she moved up to No. 5 inside our society. Her nest match at Toronto she lost inside the finals to Kim Clijsters to move her report inside 2005 to 31-3. Henin-Hardenne is looking to return to win her 2nd open inside 3 years, though, this time when she meets Clijsters inside a rematch, take the Belgian to win! Projected Exit: Runner Up.S/V Williams (8/1 US Open odds) Special Victims Williams? No, yet it has been 3 years becauseSerena beat Venus inside the US Open finals. Considering the sisters' prominence here between 1999-2003, it is a surprise we have seen them. The Williams' sisters are installed at 8/1, much where we have seen their odds inside the Slams over the during the past year. Certainly it was thrilling for Venus to get revenge for sister Serena when she trounced Sharapova at the Ladies Finals at Wimbledon. An illustration of the difficult courtroom being bluer (are thanks inside order to Boise State Broncos?) Serena is usually the better of both found on the difficult courts. We'll see which type of shape Serena comes into this Open. Venus is playing excellent tennis yet found on the difficult courts we have to allow the edge to their enemies. Serena is not ranked inside US Open Series play and Venus is ranked 9th with 35 points meaning which the sisters will likely not get a taste of bonus funds this yr. Projected Exit: Semi-Finals.Maria Sharapova (5/1 US Open odds) merelymoved into No. 1 found on the WTA it is attached for twentieth spot with 12 points found on the US Open Series points so if she wins the US Open she will likely not get a bit of the bonus challenge and must accept the $one.1 million purse. Sharapova has been installed at 5-1 to win the title, and initially you have to like her odds to win found on the difficult courtroom when she doesn't have to meet the Williams' or the Belgian's. However, looking at her report inside Grand Slam play this yr, we view why the No. 1 women's player is not the favourite. Following her semi-final and quarterfinal losses at the Australian Open and French Open respectively, she lost inside the semi-finals at Wimbledon (because defending Champ) to Venus Williams. If she is in front of her enemies then she commonly wins, though, because we saw inside Grand Slam play, when she gets behind her enemies she becomes a bit mentally unpredictable and has now been unable to pull the mental fortitude to overcome a important service break or two. At Wimbledon, she hadn't lost a break of serve till she met Venus and once Sharapova was broken she all yet fell aside. She'll must remain in front of her enemies when she refuses to need another early leave at the US Open. Projected Exit: Semi-Finals.Lindsey Davenport (12/1 US Open odds) Believe it or not, Davenport's last US Open singles title was inside 1998 when she beat Martina Hingis inside 1998. After the lengthy Wimbledon final's loss to Venus Williams this yr, Davenport has had a difficult July to state the least. As defending champion and top seed at Stanford she retired inside 2r match against Groenefeld due to low back stress. She was additionally pushed to overlook booked trip to San Diego and Los Angeles where she was additionally defending champion at each events. Davenport Reached 3rd profession final at Wimbledon because No.1 seed, losing to No.14 seed V.Williams inside championship match, 46 76(4) 97; match (2 hours, 45 min.) found on the method to her Wimbledon final she had defeated No.15 seed Clijsters (who was wounded in the event you remember), No.5 Kuznetsova (2004 US Open defending champ) and No.3 seed Mauresmo. But, with lingering injuries as well as a ton of questions, we don't view the tall Davenport going deeply into the brackets this yr. Projected Exit: Third Round.The US Open show is offering a thrilling challenge to the players by believing, in the event you play on our travel and thrive (top 3 spots) and play inside the US Open and finish inside the money; we'll double finances. While the "US Open Series Bonus Challenge" would affect the motivations of the four likely finalists who play found on the US Open Series Tour, the bonus challenge refuses to affect the odds on players inside this Grand Slam, yet will influence how the pavilion players see US Open Series tournaments next year; because a should play.\n US Open Tennis Championship National Tennis Center

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