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If God Exists

"For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him." (Romans 1:21)I question How several of us are truly capable to state, from the bottom your heart that God does not exist, I do not think there are lots of, because even most skeptic of guys see the astounding associated with a sunrise in the mountains or at the edge of the ocean, plus cannot help wondering Whose hand has created like magnificent view.Even the most skeptic of guys see the development of the cosmos plus cannot help but seeing a mighty hand behind like a kaleidoscope of beauty plus infinite power.Even the most cruel of persons upon having a glimpse at the microcosms, realizes that like an incredibly fragile plus intricate arrangement cannot have come by collision.And if we know God exists, we provide an understanding that we owe Him some sort of retribution for what He has done; that's the reason why we see each religion about world bowing right down to God in any shape or form they have developed Him.But then, if God exists would he not have something to do with the arrangement off items? I would think everyone would agree that if God exist, that would be a fair assertion.And if we agree that God exists plus that He has something to do with the arrangement off items, why do we have like an upheaval today, like a disarrangement of items, like chaos?I enjoy hunting at the films plus information plus documentaries from the fifties plus sixties, because items look always thus neat, plus the difficulties they often talk of sound thus unimportant plus innocent now. And that occurred only half a century ago.I was hunting at the information last day on American route, plus heard them debating over the case of the National day of prayer being called unconstitutional, plus the choice of the government to stop preacher Franklin Graham from communicating to the US soldiers because it would be 'offensive to the Muslims'.Doesn't that smell like rotten eggs to you? Because it does to me!The aim I feel trying to make is the fact that if God exists He would be terribly disappointed at the insults plus disrespect plus continual rejection his creation expose him to today; at lacking love plus the shortage of morality plus the continual warring of humans with each other plus with Him.We see the continual accusations of dishonorable politicians, frequently dressed as religious leaders, towards God; because items are not going their technique. We see the frequent complaining of hateful souls, which have selected to deny things of God, each time there is a tragedy or maybe a disaster or natural disaster. They often yell, where is God? Why does He permit these things to happen? If He is so advantageous why exist thus many bad persons in the world? And I ask of you today; what else may we expect?If God exists we know He would be a God of excellence, a God of righteousness, a God of Justice, plus if like God exists, How could he be enjoying the sight of his planet beingturned into a garbage dump, how could He be content at the sight of His sites disappearing by the continual scavenging of guys whose only motivations are greed plus lust for power.That God that we're speaking about, would be horrified at the display of hatred among guys, inside continual wars, plus their used of God's provided abilities for the development new of the way to eliminate each additional.If God exists, He would cry tears of desperation at the ravages of hunger plus disease between the most of His creation whilst a some of them hoard all riches that He has provided on their behalf all.If God exists, then the pain he would be going through would be inconceivable at the sight of millions of kids being murdered each year at the abortion clinics, He would be devastated at the spectacle of people plus kids being lost to perversion, degradation, to total depravity.We often question the motives of God for allowing like items. Yet we just do not get it. Do you be continually chasingafter your youngster if He was always rejecting you? I am sure you would eventually provide up trying to set Him straight, plus would let him go wild. You will never stop loving Him, however you would just provide up, plus hope that certain day he would come back to you.Somebody transferred me 1 of these funny emails that frequently runs online, except that one was very severe, a professor at the College of Berlin challenged 1 of the pupils about the fact that God was nasty, He reported, 'if God exists then He created everything that exists, plus if He created everything that exists then He created nasty, plus because we may establish our deeds are a rumination of ourselves then we may determine that God is evil'.The student stood there silent whilst the professor rejoiced at having proven that trust is a myth. Then another student raised his hand plus asked a question; 'does cold exists?', the professor mentioned 'of course, we may see it in the winter', the student responded, 'actually cold does not exist, according the physics regulations cold is simply a word we invented to convey the shortage of heat', the student continued, 'professor, does darkness exist?', the professor again mentioned yes, plus the student retorted, 'actually darkness doe not exist, it is actually only a word we utilize to convey the shortage of light, this is a scientifically proven fact', He then continued, 'Evil does not exist either, evil is simply a rumination of the shortage of God, the less we have God in our time the nearer we get to evil'. Needless to say, the professor would not take that correction perfectly. According to the transmitter, this event occurred in nineteen twenty, plus the student was Albert Einstein. (I cannot confirm the source or the fact)I may say confidently that everyone in this planet without exception either have or has had sometime in his existence the sincerity that God exists, merely a some fools stay on the market which blatantly deny this fact. But wecannot amazed at the way items are going throughout the planet, plus in our own lives, considering how we keep pushing God away from us."The wrath of God has been revealed from heaven against all godlessness plus sin of guys which suppress a revelation by their sin, because what can be recognized about God is plain for them, because God has prepared it plain for them. For because the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power plus divine nature-have been clearly watched, being understood from what has been prepared, thus that guys are without reason. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile plus their foolish minds were darkened." (Romans 1:18-21)If you may be 1 of those that nonetheless do not trust a Creator, please mirror about these details.May the maker off items make space in the minds for Him, that you would celebrate in His presence.Rev. Jose A. Luna \nA Servant of Christ Jesus\n sunrise fl abortion clinic

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