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Zero Cost Methods To Increase Your Company Marketing And Cut You

I Offer These Ideas As A Organization Site Owner Who Uses ThemThink of that article as a letter from a friend who maintains a site for his very own organization, plus wants to share with you several time/cost-saving techniques he employs - at zero expense - to get more value from his site.The Following Tools/Methods Can Create With The Website Easier/Less ExpensiveIn considering the resources presented here, you really need to maintain mind the simple fact that your capability to have tried it about your site may be determined to several extent by the nature of hosting package/functions you may have bought from your host. For those whose hosting packages don't permit the easy utilize of these tools, I describe the valuable alternate of Remotely Hosted CGI Scripts plus Resources towards the end of that article.DISCLAIMER: Please note that I offer descriptions of the resources presented inside this informative article for your info just. I cannot guarantee they usually meet your needs by any means.There are lots of additional scripts that do same function on online. I have only described these ones considering they are those I utilize - or have chosen.If we select to download and employ them about your site, you'll be accomplishing this at your issues. I have however used all of them at the least once, plus currently utilize a lot of them/have performed thus for over 2 years - which is why I could recommend them.1. Automated Site Membership Subscription ManagementResource: Membership Manager LITESource: [http://www.membership-manager.biz]Membership is a feature that allows visitors to your website become subscribers by completing a simple application web shape. Registered visitors usually subsequently be able sign into restricted aspects of your site using login information they might have specificed whenever enlisting. You can even have two or more degrees of membership(for instance Free/Basic plus Paid/Premium).Using this have, you can easily allow your website offer associate specific content like specialized offers, articles, email newsletters, along with other interactive content. Offering membership about your site will set it apart from countless people which don't.One nifty CGI write I have found very valuable to quickly plus firmly give membership about my sites is known as Membership Manager. This programs utilizes HTACESS browser based login authentication(regarded as the most secure type of account protection about the Internet) to shield your restricted members-only sites from unauthorised access.Membership Manager, comes inside two variants - LITE(Free) plus PRO.A. It allows the owner to utilize a control panel to dispense user accounts of subscribers (who usually also be for their automated newsletter mailing list).B. The subscribers have login ID plus Password inside choice automatically found in creating a website membership account for them whenever they signup.C. Paid Subscription Management is possible. If someone has paid for one yr access, you can easily setup a 1 yr associate account access to a account restricted subscribers area about your site where several premium content may be used.D. Also, the program at the expiration of the 1 yr subscription period, automatically disables the appropriate member's account - plus notifies the associate as well as the owner.E. In the PRO variant, subscribers could automatically retrieve lost passwords using a link provided about the website.You could download the 30kb zipped folder containing the LITE variant of the write from [http://www.membership-manager.biz] plus follow the valuable installation instructions provided inside the associating "Setup Instructions" HTML file.2. Dynamic Site Contact FormsResource: All Purpose Form HandlerSource: http://www.BigNoseBird.ComThis is a wonderfully flexible/customisable write that allows a user to quickly implement HTML based forms about different parts of a site. It is configured by info we offer inside the shape itself, offering the user a different benefit of making the write handle data submitted inside the world wide web forms inside a range of the way without changing understanding ANY Perl development or having to change the code/script.The following is possible in almost any combination using forms that call the SAME script:A. Web form finished by the user submits an email to a certain person(s) - state the site owner - plus CC to state additional employees(e.g. advertising manager), or even another email address chosen by the owner.B. The EXACT text of the title that appears inside the topic brand of the e-mail the write sends to the site owner, is specified inside the code for the world wide web shape. This makes it straightforward for anyone to learn which contact form about your site was chosen to send we EACH content we receive.C. The write sends the information submitted via the world wide web shape to a file for effortless trade into a database plan. You,the owner usually be able to find the file(s) about your server inside the cgi-bin.D. The write automatically sends a response to the individual who submitted the shape. The content of the response is assorted for each web shape. This is produced possible by creating a text file(given a different filename extension) to contain your content whose name we then put inside the shape code, thus it happens to be chosen by the write.E. The purchase inside which the information submitted via the world wide web shape appears inside the e-mail received by the site owner is specified inside the code for EACH web shape.F. The completion of necessary fields is enforced by specifying such fields inside the code for individual forms.G. To increase user-friendliness, code for each shape is modified to call a different "Thank you" or an "Oops!" page after the shape is submitted.How I Utilize It: I have found this write extremely valuable inside determining very appropriately what individuals whovisit my site are curious inside. For instance, about my site, I created a separate contact form(all externally similar) for EACH of the different providers I give, providing backlinks to every web shape from the body of text/web copy where the Maintenance is described. This way, I can quickly establish, from the title of the e-mail delivered by the write, exactly which Maintenance the enquirer was considering whenever s/he decided to make contact with me.3. Tell-A-Friend Automated Site Referral FormResource: BigNoseBird.com's Birdcast Website Recommendation ScriptSource: http://www.BigNoseBird.ComThis is a really simple, yet strong write to utilize to help promote your site. Easy to install, and also to customize. It has a amount of worthwhile features as an example the following:1. Name/Email Address fields that is duplicated for an infinite amount of target recipients per recommended page.2. A multiple line text entry area for the user to send a individual note with all theemail.3. Automatic page recognition (i.e. the write inserts the full url of the page being recommended inside the email that is sent).4. Automatic Return to sending page (i.e. the write returns the user to the recommended page whenever on lucrative submission of the form's contents.4. Domain validation. An editable brand of code inside the write allows the site owner specify whether this feature is enabled or disabled about installation. You would allow it to prevent it being utilized from any website/domain additional than yours i.e. protection against off-site abuse (Also found in the all factor shape handler write described above).5. E-mail address plus page capture sign. Once the write is in utilize, it will be possible to occasionally confirm a sign file of date/time, phoning page plus email info automatically produced plus up-to-date by the write about your server. This could be very useful in the event you want to learn who's referring what page about your website plus to who.4. Form For File Upload From Internet page To ServerResource: Upload LiteSource: http://www.perlscriptsjavascripts.com/perl/upload_lite/index.htmlThis write works via a file upload shape to permit anyone upload data to a folder about the site server. Whenever this happens, the owner of the site automatically gets an "Upload Notification" email with a download link(s) that can be visited to instantly download the file(s). The site tourist, who uploaded the document is in turn taken to an upload success evidence page to customise. For instance, about my website the evidence page displays a "Thank We - The submission has been accepted" content.Possible uses: The owner could invite job individuals to upload their applications plus resumes using this shape. A clip publisher may have contributors/writers send inside their write-ups(in many possible electronic formats(.pdf, .doc, .rtf etc) from any area inside the world such a long time as Online PCs are available.How I Utilize It: On myExcel Heaven Custom Workbook Automation Mini-site, an upload shape is provided help customers upload workbooks they want me to automate on their behalf using Excel Visual Basic.5. File Mailing (Alternative to direct downloading)Resource: MailFileOriginal Source: http://www.command-o.comLatest Version Available At: http://www.FreeScripts.comMailFile allows you to need visitors to submit their name plus email address inside purchase to retrieve a file(s) from your site. It is a CGI write that works via a shape which allows visitors to choose(by pressing checkboxes) specific documents from your site to be delivered to the e-mail address they specify inside the e-mail address field of the shape.When the shape is submitted, the visitor is taken to a "File(s) delivered!" page while the selected file(s) is delivered to the visitor via the e-mail address s/he provided. Apart from the proven fact that this method prevents third-party linking of your data, we buy to utilize the retainednames/email addresses to develop a mailing list with that you just could follow-up visitors for possible sales.The script could moreover be valuable whenever you need to provide your busy visitors a time saving substitute for downloading.Corporate visitors to your site, whose mails are stored about the firm send servers may find this particularly valuable.Here's why. Assume a busy executive - with just 5 moments left to attend an important meeting - discovers your site's providing of 5 interesting PDF reports amassing 13 MB inside size.S/he can decide on the MailFile web form's checkboxes to choose the data plus click the "Send File(s) To Me" button. All selected data usually be delivered to his/her send box about the company's servers, plus s/he will be able to return to view them without heading back online at a later time or date.There is very little limit to the number of data that is delivered using this shape. Additional checkboxes just should be put into the shape, as well as the appropriate filenames incorporated the shape code.Similar Resource: File MailerSource: \nhttp://www.downloadfreetrial.com/scripts/php/file_upload_&_download4.html[b]Related Resource: Attachment Mailer [/b] \nSource: http://www.perlscriptsjavascripts.com/perl/attachment/index.html[b]6. Get The Target Audience Discussing On The Website - Discussion Boards/WebLogs[/b]You could install a conversation board(where individuals could register plus discuss many topics inside "conversation forums") about your site. You could potentially moreover utilize it to offer first level user support/problem solving providers to visitors.For instance an IT/Telecoms firm could invite visitors to post issues or needs for help regarding problems they have with specific products/services supplied or supported. Answers usually then be provided by the appropriate employees online saving time/cost of going out - till it becomes absolutely essential to visit the consumer physically to resolve the issue.Some web hosts offer a discussion board as an ingredient of their hosting package. Most of the popular ones are nonetheless FREE to download/install, (being open source), two advantageous examples being: PHPBB at http://www.phpbb.com plus YaBB(Yet another Bulletin Board) at http://www.yabbforum.com . I have effectively installed plus chosen phpbb inside the last, and discovered it very user-friendly.Web Logs: My site host has an easy-to-install phpbb board inside my control panel, which I plan to install about my site inside future. I however don't currently utilize a conversation board about my site, due to my decision earlier this yr to cease its utilize, inside line with a modified strategy. In its stead, what I utilize is a web sign. I like to consider a Internet LOG as a dynamic site which functions as internet diary permitting the owner make postings about any subject of interest, which her visitors could subsequently understand, plus article reviews on/responses to.My personal web sign facility is provided as an ingredient of my site hosting package. In looking for a web host, we might find a same feature, in the event you consider it relevant to your factor. You can however get a almost similarly functional yet FREE blog to utilize at http://www.blogger.com.[b]7. Automated Organization Marketing CDROM Promos[/b]CDROM promos are a one-time cost, in addition they cost a fraction of what a decent newspaper advert does, while providing more directed impact to the "right" prospect for a longer period. They are less expensive and you may mass make them. I personally recommend the employment of auto-run organization advertising CD ROMs as an offline complement to additional organization advertising efforts/resources.You could get excellent software for creating car run organization advertising CDROM shows from a range of sources online. One that I have chosen, plus could heartily recommend that we try is CRE:8 MULTIMEDIA. This software allows you to createfairly impressive auto-run organization advertising CDROM shows quickly plus quickly. It has a fairly user-friendly visual interface, plus easy-to-understand HELP documentation that enables people start producing expert looking shows inside moments. You can download a FREE 21 day trial from http://www.presentware.com.[b]8. Article Syndication[/b]Article syndication is a great method to attract hot visitors to your website, while simultaneously increasing your credibility as an authority inside your area(s) of expertise.One place you can post your articles plus be relatively sure(if they give valuable real-world relevant info plus are fine written) of popular syndication is http://www.ezinearticles.com.Other options you can easily follow naturally exist, like exploring plus manually posting articles to different sites providing associated content to yours or using automatic article submission providers - several of which are FREE.You could also contact writers of e-zines plus online newsletters, who deal with target followers same to yours, providing your FREE articles for publication inside their media or for their sites, inside exchange for exposure.9. Site RSS FeedsRSS, stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Website Summary". It is an XML standard that can be used by content owners(e.g. newsletter/website publishers) to distribute content to their potential audience. Many companies now have RSS feeds that mention newest content upgrades produced to their sites.Visitors to your site may use either the information aggregator built into their My Yahoo! Page, or other RSS news subscriber software to retrieve plus understand the feeds.Important Notes Regarding CGI/Perl ScriptsSome of the tools I have described inside this informative article are 3rd party CGI/Perl scripts(files with .cgi and .pl filename extensions), that you just may have to clear with your web host before using for their servers. The installation of these scripts requires several simple knowledge with server types, setting of file permissions(via CHMOD'ING), Perl scripting and others.CGI Scripts Installation : Usually, to run CGI/Perl scripts, all you require is any executable folder ( cgi-bin ). Many of the scripts could actually run in almost any folder. I suggest nonetheless, for easy administration, that used a cgi-bin.CGI Scripts Configuration : All scripts need you to configure them before uploading to your server, though several have more settings that should be specified AFTER uploading normally via a control/admin interface or panel. You can re-configure, re-upload plus overwrite the scripts as may be essential.Typically you'd open the write inside a text editor(I utilize notepad, plus sometimes wordpad, whenever text wrapping is a condition inside the former). If an edit facility is provided inside your web host's control panel/file manager interface, you can easily moreover utilize this to make /save changes we wish online post-installation. This last way makes it unneeded to re-upload the modified write.CGI Scripts Upload: If your host has provided we a file manager interface inside your control panel, it will be possible to utilize that to upload the scripts. Alternatively there are a advantageous amount of nifty FTP - File Transfer Protocol - tools like CuteFTP(http://www.cuteftp.com), plus SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com)These FTP customers function inside "auto" mode by default, making it unneeded for we to need to set them to upload your scripts inside ASCII mode, plus your images or pre-complied programs inside Binary mode. I suggest we refrain from changing their standard settings except we learn what you will be doing.Keep inside mind nonetheless that whatever manner of upload we use, you'll nevertheless have to set file permissions(via CHMOD'ING) for the scripts as well as the files/folders they shall be situated in or using.Find Someone To Do It - If NecessaryEven in the event you cannot spare the time to learn how to do it yourself, to find someone properly skilled to do it for we. Also, your website host should be willing to offer we any info you may well be necessary to verify/obtain inside purchase to effectively install the scripts.Can't Run CGI/Perl Scripts On The Website? Here's An Alternative That Works!Remotely hosted CGI scripts/resources(some of which are FREE) are around for those who may find they cannot utilize a few of the tools described here straight for their sites. One good service, that I useful for over a yr before buying a complete hosting package, is available from Black Fire Networks at http://www.bfndevelopment.com.Not just do they provide we access to complimentary, customisable, remotely hosted scripts, nonetheless they actually do thus with ZERO advertising. So, in the event you have designed we website, yet shortage access to a cgi-bin via your hosting package, this Maintenance would simply be for we. Among additional details, it will be possible to make your website dynamic, thus it has a more professional"feel" to it, without spending any more money.Summary - Use A Combination Of Techniques On The New Or Existing WebsiteThe best benefit of all of the tools, features plus strategies/methods described here is the fact that you could have them integrated - at ZERO expense - into a current website or put into a hot website from the begin. In either case, we get to maximise the potential value we anticipate from the site.To have the best results inside today's advertising, one usually usually have to utilize a combined techniques. Using your organization site inside combination with a fine planned advertising strategy, facilitated inside implementation by custom, value adding automation/features usually increase your chances of advertising success, while ensuring we don't save money than you should.This article's recommendations is summarised inside type of the things outlined under. a. Ensure "action-inducing"/"response-generating" web copy is created about your site, to effectively communicate the different benefits we give.b. Create plus implement a web advertising strategy to confirm we increase returns about your investment, by (i) making more of the appropriate kinds of individuals visit your site (ii) seamlessly integrating your offline plus online marketing efforts inside such a way that they complement each other.c. Make it all to easy to implement your web strategy for the long run, by incorporating zero/low expense automation tools about your site, plus starting value-adding features/methods. Examples include email advertising, article syndication, plus info product publishing(ebooks etc).Do these, by starting a suitable mixture of the specific tools, techniques plus tips presented inside this informative article, plus you really need to be able to clearly achieve much more more of the following: INCREASED sales and/or REDUCED expenses about marketing/advertising - whichin turn shall help you report relatively solid or INCREASING income.Info\n

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