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Do Men Need Encouragement? The Shy Guy Truth Or Urban Myth?

Yesterday Nicole needed guidance on the cards. Two days ago, she was at a celebration where she met Alex, a younger plus hip lawyer. They discussed plus laughed, one drink followed another, mirth abounded. By the end of the night, Nicole was giddy with each refreshments plus love. Later, she gave him her cell-phone number plus email address. He gave her his card, removed with his entourage, never to be seen or heard from again.Now Nicole was facing a time-sensitive dilemma: since he had not called, she planned to call him, yet this needed to be done quickly, ahead of the momentum of this encounter ends completely. After all, it had been ten days. "I love him, plus nothing is incorrect with women asking away guys. But I also never wish To appear desperate. What do the cards mention I could do?" I took away the Gypsy cards plus laid away first The Magical Ring Spread, plus then The Crescent Spread The Merriment card indicated a definite date, yet Some Cash plus Visit would not forecast an explosive romance. "According to the cards, the efforts are rather weak for the time being for something significant to develop", I said to her. "But we had these a advantageous time at the celebration. I feel which he likes me too", she protested. Then she thought a bit more: "yet then, why hasn't he called me? He realizes I would like to see him again".The Gypsy cards motivated Nicole to look at the problem for precisely what it was plus not what she sought that it is. The fact was that Alex, despite Nicole's obvious enthusiasm for him, hadn't approached her once in 10 days. Was he throw, you would ask, or was he simply not interested? Shyness is rooted in fear of rejection. However, once Nicole's appeal was prepared obvious, what additional obstacles (barring hospital or death) remained there which nevertheless prevented him from calling her? He could be unavailable, homosexual, pathologically insecure or not interested. Neither of these are advantageous information for Nicole."But the cards said which we could have a date", she was clinging to hope. "If you ask him out", I amended. But which will never change the very fact which till today his passivity had indicated which he would not like her much as to place effort into consulting her, allow alone taking her away. Unless Nicole in some way frightened Alex off, the problem looked simple: he wasn't interested enough. "If you need to test, why don't we invite him to a group event like a celebration or an opening where the presence of others could lessen the pressure?", I suggested.The Gypsy cards mention which, females, we too have to accept rejection. A man could not have to be homosexual or throw to not like us; perhaps we are not his kind, plus the truth could be which easy. Inviting him out with all the intention of wanting more whenever the facts indicate which he harbours no romantic interest, secret or additional in us, is going up against the grain. Surely, we could lure them, seduce them or guilt theminto a date; in the end, what man will never wish To spend time with a beautiful female? But unless he is truly interested, our romantic dreams stand a thin chance.And before you begin, nobody is which busy which they cannot contact the individual they truly like in this age of technology. Today, it is very harder to hide then to be reached. Despite what the cards said plus the details were, Nicole approached Alex. I will have to provde the update about this history. So far, all I know is that she left a voicemail for him. I applaud her courage; in the end, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The Gypsy cards' guidance to Nicole: no man is that ridiculous to allow their dream lover slip by their fingers.Hip Lawyers\n

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