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How To Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

# 1-- My Condenser Doesn't Run
There are a few problems that you can want to fix yourself in the event your condenser isn't working properly. Believe it or not several times a condenser isn?t working because an absence of power. Check for blown fuses to replace and take a look at the circuit breakers for at the major entrance panel. Yet another feasible slight fix is simply that your thermostat maybe set too high. Reduce your thermostat to 10 degrees to check and see if this is the problem. If the compressor still doesn't work correctly it could be due to a flawed motor or damages to the compressor. In the event that it's neither your unit being without power nor a thermostat problem it's wise to call an expert repairman.

# 2-- Uneven Cooling
When your air conditioning unit has uneven cooling it's normally merely one problem. Air conditioners normally will deliver uneven cooling when the distribution system is out of balance. The solution is evident, balance the system out.

# 3-- Inadequate Cooling
When your apartment or residence is experiencing insufficient cooling there are normally 3 root causes. The first thing to check is your thermostat to see if it's too high. If your thermostat is set low enough an additional root cause is that your evaporator may need to be washed. The last possibility is simply that your unit is too small to effectively cool your living area. If that holds true you'll want to call an expert and replace your air conditioning unit with a larger system.

# 4 Unit Doesn't Cool
Again, check your thermostat and make certain it's lower than the outside temperature. Often if AC units are not cooling a typical cause can be a filthy condenser that requires washing. When you go about washing the condenser bear in mind that you'll even want to wash the fins and straighten them out if necessary. Yet another possibility is that air flow into the condenser unit Is being impeded by particles such as weeds, grass or vines. You'll want to remove the particles and provide your unit a minimum of a few feet space so air can effectively flow around your AC unit. Double check and make certain the evaporator is clean.
If your unit still does doesn't work you'll want tocall a qualified specialist due to the fact that most likely either the compressor is faulty or there isn't adequate refrigerant inside the system.

# 5 Condenser Unit Shuts off and On
If your condenser turns off and on continuously there are normally 3 feasible causes. Your condenser or evaporator requires cleaning. The last possibility is that the condenser unit is blocked and there isn't proper air flow.

If there are problems outside of ones that can be self diagnosed and repaired it is highly suggested that you get in touch with a qualified air conditioning repairman.\n

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